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The conference is held within the framework of the International Scientific Cultural and Educational Forum "Eurasia-2022: Social and Humanitarian space in the era of globalization and digitalization"

The conference will be attended by representatives of specialized scientific, educational institutions and industry, leading scientists in the field of food security, biotechnology, innovative technologies in the agro-industrial complex.

The conference provides an ideal opportunity to bring together scientists, researchers of various disciplines, discuss new problems and get acquainted with the latest developments, research and trends in agriculture.

Directions of the conference

1. Innovative technologies in the agro-industrial complex
2. Intelligent, digital and automated technologies in agriculture.
3. Food security. Economics and legal regulation in the agro-industrial complex.
4. Biotechnical systems and technologies in agriculture.
5. Rational use of natural and anthropogenic resources in agricultural technologies.
6. Sustainable development of agriculture: socio-humanitarian aspect.

Other topics related to the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied research on agriculture are highly welcomed.

Submission of articles to the collection of the conference until … 2022. Notification of the results of peer review – within 2 weeks after the acceptance of the article.